AquaSource Technologies Corp (ATC) headquartered in Mt. Pleasant, PA has developed water desalination technology utilizing high temperature plasma systems.  Initial customers of this patented technology are the companies currently servicing the shale gas fracking industry.  This technology extends their service to the treatment of end-of-life wastewater which contains high levels of dissolved salts and volatile organic compounds, and is now disposed of by injection into the underground deep wells. After commercialization in the US shale gas regions, this technology will be applied to desalination of sea water worldwide.   ATC has assembled a proven team with combined experience of over 90 years in the field of high temperature plasma technology, power generation and mergers and acquisition (M&A) legal field.  ATC is the holder of four US, one Israeli and four Canadian patents covering a proprietary thermal plasma wastewater treatment system. Additional patents have been filed in nine other countries including European Union.  The principal benefits of the ATC System have been demonstrated in a pilot plant operating successfully since April 2017 on the site of one of the largest wastewater recycling operations in south western PA.

In September 2020, ATC's parent company Dighe Technologies Corporation (DTC) acquired substantial portion of the intellectual property (IP) of Westinghouse Plasma Corporation (WPC).  WPC was created in 1999 to commercialize plasma technology which was developed by Westinghouse Electric Corporation over 40 years.  More information about this development is available in recent news.  The acquisition of WPC's IP has increased the application of plasma technology in solid waste treatment applications.  ATC is developing municipal solid waste (MSW) projects in US and south east Asia.