Toxic Waste Destruction Project

Project using Pyroplasma Trailer Commenced in 1986

  • Destruction of liquid toxic waste
  • MARC - 11H Torch
    – 1 active, 1 spare
  • Nominal power :
    – Total system : 800 KW
    – Individual torch : 600 - 800 KW
  • Process gas : Oxygen
  • Electrode life :
    – Anode : 900 Hours
    – Cathode : 200 Hours

Westinghouse Plasma Mobile Unit

Many industrial processes that provide necessary products and services create chemical waste byproducts. To assure the continued safe use of these processes and to protect our environment, government, business and environmental groups envision the use of advanced technologies to help safely manage and dispose of waste byproducts.

The Pyroplasma system mobile unit, houses an advanced plasma system, which changes the molecular structure of chemical wastes; for example, changing hazardous wastes into non hazardous substances.

The Pyroplasma system is unique in its ability to achieve the high temperatures required to destroy pumpable organic chemical wastes.

The Pyroplasma system has demonstrated the capability of meeting emission standards of regulatory agencies in the United States and Canada.

More information is available  at Pyroplasma Trailer.