Our Vision

It is said that before the world runs out of oil, it will run out of drinking water.  Although more than 70% of the world's surface is covered with water, only 0.007% is clean and potable. Close to 1.2 billion people face water scarcity and 8 million people die of water related diseases.

Our primary vision is to alleviate water scarcity by using high temperature plasma technology to make clean water economically available worldwide.

Our secondary vision is to alleviate the solid waste problem that is currently resulting in pollution of our aquifers, rivers and oceans.  The problem arises when wastes, e.g. municipal solid waste (MSW) is sent to a landfill.  Our vision is to treat MSW in beneficial manner by converting it into electricity.  The residue from such treatment is vitrified slag which is non-leachable and will not cause further pollution.  Slag can be used beneficially as aggregate material for building industry.