AquaSource Technologies Corp (ATC) has developed water desalination technology utilizing high temperature plasma systems (ATC System).  The initial application of ATC's  patented technology will be directed to the companies currently servicing the shale gas fracking industry. This technology treats end-of-life wastewater which contains high levels of dissolved salts and volatile organic compounds that is now disposed of by injection into the underground deep wells. After commercialization in the US shale gas regions, this technology will be applied to desalination of sea water and treatment of chemical and solid waste worldwide.

ATC is the holder of 14 patents (6 US, 2 EU, 1 Israel, 1 India and 4 Canada) covering a proprietary thermal plasma water and waste treatment system. Additional patent applications have been filed in nine other countries.

Schematic of Pilot Plant

The principal benefits of the ATC System have been demonstrated in a pilot plant operating successfully since April 2017 on the site of one of the largest wastewater recycling operations in south western PA.

The ATC System’s principal advantage is that the costs of treatment are  lower than current  costs for disposal in underground deep wells, i.e. “hole-in-the-ground”. The by-products of the ATC System are commercial products: water and salt which can be produced at different levels of purity (i.e. distilled water to all-purpose water; road salt to industrial grade salt suitable for chlor-alkali industry which produces plastics, fertilizers and soaps). The revenue from these commercial by-products subsidizes the treatment process allowing for a lower cost to the customer than the “hole-in-the-ground”.

ATC has been selected as technology provider for Phase I of a 60,000 barrels per day produced water treatment plant. This plant will be produce commercial products including chlor-alkali grade salt.